"Gold Is Where You Find It"

How do you become Gold Miners in the Land of the Midnight sun?
We had no clue.

~Hover over the nugget to view back of book~

~Hover over the nugget to view back of book~


Why would a young high-middle class family trade the good life for a tiny one-room cabin in Alaska's wilderness to mine for gold? Where was the sanity in going from Riches to Rags?

It began from a simple dream to go off and live a simpler and less complicated life. That dream set them on a course to Gold Dust Creek, to the utter shock of their family and friends. Had they gone mad?

Beginning from scratch, with no clue about gold mining, this courageous family ventured out, going a step at time without ever knowing what to expect. Somehow it all worked out and reality became bigger than life and bigger even than they dared to dream. Within eleven years they made history in Alaska, developing the most advanced technology in the gold mining industry.

This is the story of how they did it. Experience some of their harrowing moments with bears, crooks, and the fury of Mother Nature, as well as some hilarious encounters with nature's cute and clever critters in Alaska's awesome wilderness.